• josephmullan

Inland National Champion

The first day of racing was unfortunately called off due to Gale force winds which meant that we would have four races on the Sunday to decide the title.

In the first race, I had a good start at the Starboard end and did a good job of protecting the right hand side of the course to put me in 1st place at the first mark. From there on in I was able to extend my lead and win that race.

In the second race I had another good start and found myself within touching distance of the leading pack at the first mark, however, I was unable to work my way forwards through the fleet and had to settle for 5th in that race.

In race three, I won the pin end and was sitting in second before getting a rule 42 penalty which caused me to drop back down the fleet. In the end I was able to salvage a good result from that race and finish 3rd.

The final race played out the same way as the first race, with a comfortable lead at the first mark and extending my lead throughout the race.

It was a great feeling to end the season on a high and take the overall title. It's a great feeling to have my name on a trophy along with the likes of sailing legends such as Paul Goodison, Nick Thompson and Sir Ben Ainslie.

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